The Full Moon Rising 2007
St. Augustine Beach

Because we do not know when we will die,
We get to think of life
As an inexhaustible well
And yet everything happens
Only a certain number of times
And a very small number really.
How many times
Will you remember a certain afternoon
Of your childhood,
An afternoon
That is so deeply a part of your life
That you can't even conceive
Of your life without it?
Perhaps four or five times more?
Perhaps not even that.
How many times will you watch
The full moon rise,
Perhaps twenty,
And yet it all seems so limitless...

Paul Bowles  1910-1999
American Writer & Composer


If I live to be eighty years old, I will have a sum total of 960 opportunities to watch the moon rise.  I have lived long enough to view 660 of them.This means...I have 300 moon rises left in my lifetime.  How many do you have left?

PS:  I've decided I must target a 105-year life span. I'm an incurable romantic when it comes to watching the moon rise above the ocean.  To consider having only 300 left, is simply not acceptable.

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