Hand Holding Globe Artist: Paul Katz


When we cut through the superficial differences between us, the meaningless variations in geography, skin color, cultural traditions and the specific words by which we worship the God of our choice, we citizens of this Earth…are all the same at our core.

We yearn to love and be loved.

We yearn to hear that we’re on the right path,
Or how to find our way back to it if we feel we’ve wandered off.

We yearn to be stronger, wiser, healthier,
More courageous and less afraid.

We yearn to understand what confuses and debilitates us.

We yearn to experience our connection to our Creator,
And our own eternal Spirits,
Rather than just hope against hope that they exist.

We yearn to know beyond all doubt that there’s more than this,
That we’re more than this, and that,
For ourselves and for everyone we’ve ever loved,
There really is no end.

We yearn for peace of mind,
And access to the ultimate peace our Spirits possess
Through our divine birthright.”



pattie said...

I am so going to have to go and get this book you know!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so for being such a beautiful friend...
Thank you so for sharing who you are...
Thank you so for just being YOU!!
Uniquely YOU!!
I love you...

pattie said...

I have just given your site an award come over for a visit and pick it up!!