Mnemosyne The Goddess of Memory
Mother of the Muses
MNEMONICS: The art or system of memory.

The Spirit or Power that inspires.
The Spirit or Power that ignites.

MUSE (noun): ologies (The Study of…)
From the French Muse From the Latin Musa From the Greek Mousa
MUSEUM means: Temple of The Muses.
MUSIC means: Art of The Muses.

Historically, the Muses have a dual origin in both Greek and Roman mythology. However, the Roman worship of Muses was borrowed from the Greeks. They were distinguished as nine goddesses; each goddess ruling over a specific Art or Science. In Greek mythology they were the daughters of Zeus, King of the Gods. Their mother, the Goddess of Memory, has a name almost impossible to pronounce or remember...Mnemosyne. In Roman mythology, the Muses were the daughters of Jupiter, the King of their Gods. The Greeks believed the Muses lived on Mount Olympus with their leader, the God Apollo. Apollo and the Muses were ageless and remained eternally beautiful. They also possessed the rare gifts of being able to see into the Future as well as banish all sorrow and grief. Any one or all of the Muses could be summoned for assistance at any time. It has been documented that many early Greek artists and writers called upon the Muses for inspiration before beginning their work. We would be well served to follow their example and tap into the power of these timeless, eternal Muses; requesting their support to inspire and ignite our Creative Brilliance!

That’s one of the Great Secrets of MUSEologies…
We are all Muses to someone…
Some where…Some time…
When we least expect it
We may be wholly unaware of our influence.

Taking irresistible creative license,
we decided to expand the definition of MUSE to include:

Persons of any age
(alive or dead)

Animals, Birds, Fish, Insects…
Have you ever watched a dragonfly dance with a firefly?
Have you noticed how your dog or cat KNOWS when you need love?

Trees, Flowers, Plants…
Inhale deeply of a Hawaiian tuberose…does that not inspire?

Spirit-Guides, Angels and the God of your choice

Philosophers, Shamans, Healers, Inventors,

Artists, Teachers, Writers,
Filmmakers, Actors, Athletes

The Sea, The Mountains, The Desert, The City,
The Country, A Tropical Island

A Rock, A Feather, A Seashell,
A Painting, A Sculpture, A Book, A piece of Jewelry,
A Car, A Building, A Monument

A hammock under a 100 year old Oak tree
Dripping with Spanish moss

The Sunrise, Sunset, Friendship, A Great Love…

Start looking and you will discover Muses all around you.
Engage all your senses.
Inhale Deeply, Feel, Taste, Listen, See.
You will begin to recognize
A vibrational resonance of energetic power
That inspires and ignites your Soul Magnificence.
It’s there.
We ALL have the ability to infuse ourselves with it.
Membership in MUSEologies is NOT exclusive.
Strap yourself in.
Muse Power is the ride of a lifetime!!

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pattie said...

I am BREATHING this post in!!!!!!!!!!
Making it part of ME....
Thank you for the reminder!