Many years ago I had the privilege of attending an impressive Artist’s Workshop Retreat at the Commonweal in Bolinas, California. It was a superb experience. People from all walks of life attended. Recently, I rediscovered the workshop journal and thought that some of you might find this exercise insightful. Besides, it really can be interesting to check in with yourself every once in a while. One of the first assignments given to us was called “Stepping Stones”. Here it is:

Where you are now is a point on a long path which has so far described your life. The path will continue to unfold, as you go. For now, in order to deepen your awareness of where you are, it is good to deepen your awareness of where you’ve come from. Even if you think you already know.

First – and this should be done very quickly – make a list of those “Stepping Stones”; those markers, or points of progress which have brought you to this point. Keep it to about 12. Don’t worry, don’t think hard about this. The important ones will occur to you right away. There is no right or wrong way to complete this list.

Now. After the list is made, look it over. Choose one “Stepping Stone” that feels interesting or pleasant or painful to you…there should be some emotional energy attached to it…and write about that time as completely as you can. Include all the feelings you remember, all the details, the questions, descriptions, etc.

It may amaze you. It may surprise you. It may comfort you or point you in a new direction. Whenever you’re ready, put these answers away for future reference. Then, go mark your calendar for six or twelve months from now…reminding yourself to pull out what you wrote in response to this exercise. It’s also handy to jot down where you put your notes; I forgot myself!

Enjoy the process.


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pattie said...

This exercise is something that I am going to have to visit...It could very well provide me with some of the insight I am looking for...And open myself UP to answers for ME from ME!