Circles by Jim Wark
San Luis Valley USA

We had a request to share a short guided imagery. Listening with eyes closed may be the most powerful experience but by no means is it the only way to get in touch with the deeper levels of relaxation and your imagination. Here is a portable guided imagery that can take as little as five minutes; whether behind a desk, eating lunch on a park bench or hiding in the restroom stall just to escape whatever stress may be chasing you down the hallways of life.

If possible, read it through once to yourself. Then read it again out loud. Close your eyes and walk yourself through it. Don’t hesitate to open your eyes and check the written version to put you back on track. Even if you stray from the particulars of this exercise, it really doesn’t matter. Let it take you wherever it wants to go. Prepare to have some relaxed fun and allow yourself to ride the wave of spontaneous imagination.

Sit down in a comfortable position.
Bring your attention to your breath.
Follow each inhale and exhale as it moves in and out of your body.
With each exhale, focus on pushing stress out of every single cell that is holding it.
Let any places in your body where you are holding stress simply dissolve.
Just let go. Breathe deeply. Let it all go.
Relax your scalp.
Your forehead.
Your ears.
Your eyes.
Your jaw.
Your lips.
Your neck .
Your shoulders.
If thoughts come, let them slide away like pearls on silk.
Bring your attention back to your breath.
Allow your mind to be still.
Relax your body.
Let go.
Breathe deeply.

Imagine yourself, in your mind’s eye, alone in the center of a circle.
It can be any circle that comes to mind.
A circle in a vast green field.
A circle of light or fire.
It may be a circle marked by a fence of wood or stone or a grove of beautiful trees.
You may be sitting on a deserted beach and the circle has been drawn perfectly around you in the cool, damp sand.

In some form, see yourself comfortably sitting alone in the center of the circle; surrounded by that which marks the boundary of your personal space.

Somewhere in that circle is an opening…
A gateway of some sort through which others can enter and leave your circle.
At this opening is a guardian.
See the figure that stands at the gateway to your circle.
It may be a person, or a child. It may be an animal, a bird or a butterfly.
Let your imagination show you your guardian.

Imagine that there are people you know, mixed with your goals, dreams and creative intentions standing in a line waiting to approach the opening in your circle. As they come closer, one at a time, the guardian at your gateway will let you know in some way if they are welcome to come into your circle. The guardian may indicate this by a gesture, or a word or a body sensation you receive.

Wait for it.

The guardian may indicate that some can come and go at will while others can enter your circle only at certain times and for limited stays.

Breathe. Breathe until you feel the sensations of relaxation fill your body.
You are safe within your circle and no one or nothing can disturb you.

Spend some time learning what the guardian has to show you about the people, situations, goals, dreams and creative intentions in your life.

Situations may come to you in symbolic figures.
For example, a colleague who approaches, not as an individual but as the symbol for a specific work or intention. Just watch what happens with as little judgment as possible.
Your guardian gives you several seconds to relax into each image.

You are always safe.
Breathe deeply.

Let your imagination continue to flow.
Later, you can analyze and examine what you receive.
Now is the time to just observe.

When you feel you have all you are able to take in, thank your guardian and bring yourself back to an awareness of your breath and your body.

Breathe deeply.
Wiggle your fingers and toes.
Slowly, very slowly…return to being fully present.
Take another deep, refreshing breath.

When you are ready, either now or at some later time, answer the question:

“The guardian of my circle keeps me safe and allows…”


tmt said...

This is great!

Anonymous said...

The guardian of my circle seems to change over the last few days as do the people who are allowed to's like a mystery story.