Written and Narrated by Jill Badonsky
The Muse Is In

If you have never experienced a guided imagery exercise then you are in for an amazing, creative adventure of your own imagination! A guided imagery is not just for the artist or the writer; it is an effective tool for every person who is interested in tapping into their deeper wells of ‘knowing’ , ‘problem solving’, ‘understanding’ and ‘self-awareness’.

Guided imageries come in all styles. Some are only words. Others only music. Personally, we find the combo of words and music to be the most enjoyable; such as Jill Badonsky’s stellar series, DOORWAYS TO THE IMAGINATION. On this CD you will find four separate guided imageries:

1. Garden of Creativity: A journey to enhance your creative courage, inspiration, desire and motivation.

2. Return to the Garden: Deepening the power of focus and imagination with more music and less narration.

3. House of Doors: A powerful journey to develop alpha and theta brain wave activity; the brain waves responsible for creativity, imagination and intuition.

4. Time Journey: A journey to access wisdom, perspective and the visualization of a future unfolding with brilliance.

This is an investment worth its weight in creative jewels!


Paula said...

Luved what was behind Door #3!
Guided Imagery is powerful.

Cheryl Finley: said...

Thank you for reminding me how fabulous this CD is! I've used it not nearly enough...and remember being blown-away with how wonderful it was... Jill did a great job!

bluegreen dragonfly said...

I shall have fun exploring!!!