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Muses love the unexpected moment born from spontaneous creative ethers which curl into the air like the invisible smoke of a mirage. Such was their cutting edge (tongue firmly planted in cheek) psychological concept of “peeling the onion” which appeared on an ordinary day last November as a result of friends chatting it up. A metaphor was born.

Think of the human heart as an onion... made up of complex, delicate, transparent layers capable of feeling, absorbing and transmitting the energetic resonance of every emotion in existence. Each layer has an infinite capacity for memory. As life experiences accumulate, so do these membrane layers of the heart. Some of these experiences and memories are poignant and sweet bringing tears to the mortal eye. Other experiences are so excruciatingly painful, the heart orders the eyes to release the pain through the gut-wrenching process of a good hard cry and other physical manifestations of release (dis-ease).

The heart and its fortress walls (these complex onion–like layers) are wholly dependent on two fundamental, all-knowing powers… TRUTH and LOVE. We’re talking the real deal here. Not our every day delusion or illusionary arsenal of personal tools we keep in the toolbox marked “Denial”. Don’t misunderstand…doses of denial and delusion can be a good thing; saving us from many a heartache. But somewhere deep below the onion-like layers there is a “stirring” … a “knowledge” that all is sometimes not as it should be or could be. Say “Aloha” to your INTUITION. Ya’ know those moments…when “gut” feelings are stirred up and you feel a bit acid-y or unwell. Our theory is…those are your “onion” heart layers flapping about in agitation, a built-in warning system of the body…like the gauges in your car.

The question is:
Are we mortals willing to peel back the layers to “see” and “feel” what is at The Core?

This exploration comes with a price tag. A BIG one. Once you peel these protective layers back…once you dissolve the delusion, denial and illusion…YOU CAN’T GO BACK. The layers disintegrate and become one with the core…TRUTH and LOVE. A very scar-y proposition! Oh yes, you can PRETEND to go back. Your subconscious team might tell you, Hey, let’s sweep this ONE under the proverbial rug.” You get out the psychic glue and try to paste the layer back in place. But the layer only laughs at you and says, “OK, so we’re going to play PRETEND…I like that game!”

One creative left brain equation may be:

Pondering this esoteric concept was the catalyst for conceiving a FUN, creative and imaginative allegory. The elements all spoke…Yes! That’s It! “My Heart Is A Sweet Maui Onion!” If the heart can create such beauty and wonder as in the above piece by talented New York artist Pattie Mosca; just FEEL what YOU are capable of...

Enjoy! Breathe! Be well! Laugh! Have FUN!


tj said...

I'm liking this metaphor and have been 'dicing it up' for the last couple of days. A lot to think about here. Thanks.

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