BRAVO Patricia J. Mosca!

Art by Patricia J. Mosca

Congratulations to talented artist, Patricia J. Mosca!!!
She has been nationally recognized in the most recent Stampington Press magazine ART DOLL QUARTERLY with full page photos of her work!
Pattie’s art and words can be enjoyed at:
My Heart Is A Sweet Maui Onion
Poem by Royce Addington ©2006

Peel back the fragile layers
And what do we choose to see
Beware and go with caution
For it’s a place you will forever “BE”
There’s no turning back
The essence unfolds…
Pungent and Powerful
Sometimes Painful
Sometimes Bold

Personal Truths may await you
Stark realizations unwittingly keep you bound
Ruthless disappointment may reign within
Hope and DesireThey MUST be found!

Transparent as dragonfly wings
Thick as crimson blood
What is revealed
May be quite clear
Or Quicksand
Or Mud

If all fears were but illusion
The inner critics banished for eternity
Self-sabotage would be non-existent
This freedom is Passion’s key

Without self-doubt or recrimination
Where could our imaginations flow
Possibilities are infinite
The sweet heart of our inner Universe
Always waits to tell us so…


Pattie Mosca said...

Thank you so much my dear and wonderful inspire me!

tj said...

I will check out her blogs and work! She appears to be an artist who works in joy and happiness... not enough of that in our world!

Cheryl Finley: said...

This is fabulous! That Sweet Maui Onion art and poem is out of this world! Oh my gosh! It resonates and reverberates throughout my being. Thank you both so much for creating such magnificient soul food!
...and Pattie's lastest published creations are fabulous. Bravo to both of you!

TMT said...

A dynamic duo.

Paula said...


lee said...

The art and the poem and the article, I loved them all. The poem is totally inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Hi Royce,

Your blog is amazing..I liked
Tims's article. ; )

Anonymous said...

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