Welcome Aboard! Our CREATIVITY is an all-inclusive, around the world, perpetual “cruise of imagination” which continues to entice, energize and excite. That doesn’t mean we don’t suffer from nauseating bouts of “see” sickness from time to time. For example, “See…,you sorry excuse for a writer…an artist…a sculptor…a cutting edge business person…a parent...who do you think you’re kidding?” I could go on with a repertoire of negative self talk that afflicts, but you get the idea. Once the malady hits, it seems to overwhelm exponentially, rockin’ our creativity boat to the point of anticipating a Poseidon Adventure! (Unfortunately, Dramamine doesn't aid in soothing painful and poisonous mental vomit.)

All this THINKING! The push and pull polarities we are capable of…well, they amaze.
Fear and Resistance the repellant. Hope and Desire the attractant.
So much expended ENERGY!

As an exercise to re-ignite our wavering or lost desire or to short-circuit the first symptoms of self sabotage; join us on the El Nino Deck and rumba towards a FUN and EFFFECTIVE remedy. In their wit and wisdom “Sub-Kid-Tion series; Jill Badonsky ( and Marney Makridakis ( included powerful questions which we can use in our Creativity “restart rituals”. Write these down. Print them out. Make them BIG. Use color and doodles to draw your attention. Post them everywhere (for you Perfectionists out there, we know this sounds “messy”…but just try it.) The idea is to relax and have some FUN:

What if I had ten times the amount of courage and self-love (belief) I have now for my CREATIVITY…what would be the effect?”

“If nothing could stop me, the CREATIVE adventure I really would take is…?”

What is the highest wish for my CREATIVITY?”

“If there were no limits on time, money, resources; how would I like to experience my CREATIVE life?”

Add to these inquiries a deep breath infusion. Spend no more than thirty seconds consciously “breathing in” and “feeling” authentic self-love, belief and courage circulating in your body. You may just find this to be one of the most effective antidotes for creative inertia and paralysis discovered to date. This antidote…deep breathing while focused on authentic self-love, bodacious belief and audacious courage…is the “heart energy” with which we create our “ceremony”…our ability to transform the process of CREATIVITY into a memorable, exciting, personal event that promotes self-respect and the actual achievement of taking ACTION.

The freedom of imagination is a beautiful flowing sea of crystal clear creative ideas rushing through our being, carrying us away in its current…free from our conditioned selves, our manipulations, our expectations and our skewed victimizations.

Even if this “flow” only lasts for a few seconds…a few minutes…or, joy of joys, for an hour or two; the “feeling” it leaves in its wake is mesmerizing. You feel fully, completely and creatively ALIVE…AWARE OF THE POSSIBILITY THAT IT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN.

This “feeling”…this experience of energetic creative “flow” is seductive.
Our hearts beat faster.
Our five senses are splendidly enhanced.
Our minds become super-novas of experiential ideas and emotional contradictions exploding in all directions. We willingly become lost in this ultimate experience of emotional and physical excitement.

Your CREATIVITY is the cruise of a lifetime.
Don’t miss the Boat.
Bon Voyage.

Postscript: Please feel free to replace the word CREATIVITY with a word that speaks to your current challenge or ambition. For example: LOVE, RELATIONSHIP, DREAM, CAREER, EDUCATION, TRAVEL, ACTION….this is a limitless exercise. If you actually take five minutes and try it…you may be astounded at what you find out! We dare you!!

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Pattie Mosca said...

I am on the El Nino deck and doing the Rumba...Hey, are there cocktails?!