ARTIST:  We'd love to know who created this!

Source:  Christy Whitman's QSCA with Edits & Adds by Coach Tink

POTENTIALITY:  Anything that may be possible.

There is a well of Infinity hidden within each Soul
There you will find an incredible Energy Source
Beyond your broadest imagining
It is Light and Healing
The Force of Nature
The Essence of Love
The Law of Pure Potentiality is based on the understanding that the true essence of “who you are” is pure energetic-based Consciousness.  When we realize that our Inner Being, the Spirit that animates our minds, physical body and actions is one of pure potentiality, we are then in alignment with the electro-magnetic energy that is the fundamental component of everything in our Universe.   

Anything is possible and there is unlimited access to the infinite well of Imagination and Creativity within each of us. As a spiritual entity having a physical experience, consider the possibility that one of our primary assignments as a human being is to bring forth, into this physical world, all that we are capable of creating in order to transform our dreams and hopes into physical reality.

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