The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
--Eleanor Roosevelt--

Once again, we feel privileged to showcase the work of two Master Muses in our future. When we received the e-mail, from a proud Grand-Mum (herself a brilliant and talented artist we know and deeply respect), many in our Studio shed a tear of wonder and celebration. 

The photos and accompanying poems serve as a refreshing infusion of possibility.  Look into their beautiful faces.  Feel their powerful words.  Allow yourself to time-travel back to your own memories of youthful passion, your quest for identity and independence.  Feel their spontaneous gratitude and authentic joy.

Allow Kira and Sonia’s work to awaken your gene-memory. Today, ask yourself:  Who are you becoming? Our Imaginations and Creative Spirits are ageless and timeless.  It is never too late to imagine and create that which lives in your heart.  

Some of you may remember the old TV commercial which asks, "It's 11:00 .  Do you know where your children are?"   We're going to borrow this powerful advertising platform and ask, "It's 11:00 .  Have you really looked at the children in your life?  I mean REALLY LOOK AT THEM to see their unique brilliance, their boundless imagination, their uncensored creativity?  AND, even more important, have you told the children in your life how much you respect them and how proud you are of who they are becoming?

If you feel a slight twinge of hesitation, I’d like to suggest something: 

Take a deep breath.
Breathe in through your nose.
Exhale through your mouth.
Take one more slow breath.
Place your hand over your heart.
Close your eyes and go back to your own childhood. 
See in your mind’s eye, 
The person’s face who took care of you. 
Can you see them looking deeply at you 
With love in their eyes? 
Can you hear them say, 
“I am so proud of who you are becoming!” 
If you can, what a wonderful experience!  
 Pass it forward to the next generation. 

If you can’t, and this wasn’t your experience, CHANGE IT NOW. Investing a few seconds in deeply looking at a child, REALLY SEEING THEM, as you tell them you are proud of them, well, it may change their life forever.  You are more powerful than you know.

Please scroll down to read Kira’s amazing poems, Childhood and Lonely Blue, winner of The Teen Poetry Slam at the Sonoma, California Book Festival 2011.  Scroll down a bit further to read Sonia’s touching tribute to her two beloved Mothers.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any future Master Muses that have caught your attention. We would love to profile them here and will make every effort to post a sample of their work.  Our universal respect, pride, and support for the youth of today ignites our best and highest work! 

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