After taking a random poll, the results are in:  The Porcelain Library is still a sacred, holy and venerable place of excogitation. Some have even gone so far as to describe this inner sanctum as their personal Nirvana (at least until the ole’ legs go a bit numb.)   

What room in the house still offers such privacy and seclusion? The Porcelain Library may be the last bastion for uninterrupted contemplation.  Yep, we know.  This is the age of youthful, energetic and engaged technological wizards who will roll their eyes at the above photo and consider it akin to the outhouse.  

What with the Internet, Kindle, Nook,  Skype, YouTube, Blackberries, G3’s, IPhones, Talking IPhones, Ipods; who reads books anymore. And, we didn't even mention the antiquated television.  But, wait!  There's more. We'd certainly be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the massive inundation of social networking sites, revolutionized by Google,  Facebook, Twitter, E-Harmony and  Hardcover and paper-back books?  Why, that’s like asking someone to unroll and decipher papyrus scrolls discovered in a cave.

But, for many out there…we steal away and sit among our scrolls on Mr. Crapper’s marvelous invention that technology somehow can’t seem to touch.

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