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Remember what it feels like to realize you truly and deeply love someone?  There is a rousing emotional, physical and intellectual awareness. You feel an acute sense of hope, romance and passion. You want this feeling to last forever and the relationship to set a new standard of enduring possibility. 

Now, fast-forward into the future.  You might be faced with a few challenges in this relationship.  Dark threads of frustration, doubt and fear may be insidiously winding themselves around the relationship, choking-off mutual respect and communication.  The euphoric-infused moments grow fewer and farther apart. 

What if there was a resource to dissolve these threads and regenerate the love?

What if there was a resource to teach you how to grow this love to a level you didn’t believe possible?  Hold on to your heart!  You’re about to discover an emotionally wise book that may just change your life.

Howard Joel Schechter’s, INTIMATE PARTNERS From Romantic Love to Enduring Relationship is a must-read. Howard explains, “The highest form of intimate relationship, in my view, occurs when the partners walk side-by-side toward personal growth, spiritual awakening, and the joy of companionship.” 

Howard has crafted a compelling model for creating and maintaining a healthy intimate partnership, based on developing and enacting seven elements he calls “The Seven Virtues” (don’t miss pages 140-148).   A compassionate, specific and compelling read; INTIMATE PARTNERS will give you the tools to reframe triggers with origins outside the relationship as well as push-through illusions, delusions and all forms of communication barriers and mishaps.

One of this reader’s favorite topics is the simple yet genius-infused “Guidelines for a Happy Relationship.”  Here they are (pages 148-149):

1.  Ask for what you want, and don’t expect to get it.
2.  Healthy change comes from the other as a gift, not from coercion
3.  If you don’t like something, don’t try to change the other.   Change yourself
4.  Be kind to your partner, even when you’re not in the mood
5.  Communicate a lot.  Way more than you think necessary.

If these guidelines don’t motivate you to read INTIMATE PARTNERS, nothing will.

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