A Perfectly Kept ___Is The Sign of A Misspent Life

By Ralph Morse

Recently, the MUSEologies Studio discovered Mary Randolph Carter’s mischievously delightful counter-point to the discipline of 'De-Clutter Mania' that continues to sweep, quite literally, through many an environment.  We are not making a judgment call here about those who embrace de-clutter, but simply offering an inverse perspective by introducing Mary's lovely book : A PERFECTLY KEPT HOUSE IS THE SIGN OF A MISSPENT LIFE How to live creatively with collections, clutter, work, kids, pets, art, etc…and stop worrying about everything being perfectly in its place.  

On page 55 you will read: 

“A Perfectly Kept Office Is the Sign of a Misspent Life”

“There is a scene in Karl Lagerfeld Confidential, a French documentary about the designer’s life, when he is sitting quietly sketching at a table surrounded by mountains of books and creative disturbance.  In a rare moment we catch him without his dark glasses, but other than that he is perfectly groomed with his white hair pulled back in a neat little peruke, garbed in his usual clerical-like collar and priestly black garments.  He is sketching a tulle dress that may or may not walk down a real runway.  He is quite quiet.  All of a sudden he speaks and his words are a shock, subtitled in English on the screen:  I am persnickety.  But I like disorder when I am at work.  I would freeze at a tidy desk.”

Einstein would approve!
So does the MUSEologies Studio. 

The place you inhabit should resonant with an inspired feeling.  Dorothe Ernest, a psychotherapist in Illinois, said it perfectly in an article profiling her beloved summer cottage:  

"I'm as happy as a human being can possibly be, surrounded by things I love."

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