I'm willing to bet 
dollars to donuts that you've had fun before.
Yep, really.
Think back now to a time 
when you were really having a blast.

Was it by yourself or with others?
 Inside or outside?
Doing something new or savouring something familiar?

What else?
And what was your frame of mind 
when you're having fun?
Open or focused?
Moving fast or slowing down?
Self indulgent or focused on others?

What else?
My point is this: 
Whatever it might look like for you, 
you already know how to have fun.
You don't have to reinvent the wheel. 
You can just remember you've already experienced 
and what you already know.

So what can you do about it?

Get really specific about what's fun for you.
As well as thinking about the questions above, 
here are some other juicy ones...

Who are the people you want more of?
Want less of? 
(It's kind of revisiting Question #4.)

What gets your body to come alive? 
Exercise? Dancing? Massage?
Something else?

What makes you laugh?
 What helps you escape?

So... What do you already know?

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