Remember the movie TOP GUN? There is a rousing scene where Maverick (Tom Cruise) announces with unbridled and inspired passion, “I FEEL THE NEED. THE NEED FOR SPEED!” Now, transfer that adrenaline-infused moment into book-form and you have JT DeBolt’s FLIGHT PLAN TO SUCCESS.

JT has crafted a grand and compelling metaphoric parallel between flying a military jet and life. A quick read, precise and magnetic, FLIGHT PLAN TO SUCCESS will give you the tools to push through your perceived limitations and break your own personal sound barrier.

One of this reader’s favorite topics is a simple yet genius-infused idea shared by JT, “…one of the best strategies for accomplishing the mission is the concept of planning your path to success by working backward.” Then he shares a 3-Step Plan (don’t miss pages 128-132),
" To work your way backward:

1. Define your goal.

2. Set a specific date when you want to achieve your goal.

3. Write down the last thing you will need to accomplish prior to completing your goal – then write down the step before that, and the step before that, until you are where you’re at right now, today.”

With this tremendously inspiring book, JT DeBolt most certainly earns his wings as a Master Muse flying high, flying fast and flying far:

“When we share our dreams and goals with the world, we awaken the world around us. Imagine talking passionately about your dream, only to spark the imagination of someone who offers a solution to achieving your goal. Then imagine that same person, being so inspired by your drive to achieve, that they share your story with a friend, a spouse, a colleague, or a child who, in turn, is inspired to set out on the path to achieving their own big dream. That is true influence. A lot of good would come into the world if more people talked about their dreams and took purposeful action toward achieving them.”   -JT DeBolt


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