Young Bald Eagle

"Many times during the season I have in my solitude a visit from a bald eagle...I want my interest and sympathy to go with him in his continental voyaging up and down, and in his long, elevated flights to and from his eyrie upon the remote, solitary cliffs.  He draws great lines across the sky; he sees the forests like a carpet beneath him, he sees the hills and valleys as folds and wrinkles in a many-colored tapestry; he sees the river as a silver belt connecting remote horizons.  We climb mountain-peaks to get a glimpse of the spectacle that is hourly spread out beneath him.  Dignity, elevation, repose are his.  I would have my thoughts take as wide a sweep.  I would be as far removed from the petty cares and turmoils of this noisy and blustering world."

-- John Burrough's: Wild Life About My Cabin--

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