Believe it or not.  This is not 'photo-shopped' or enhanced.

Some call it the gloaming. Others twlight.  Whatever the name, in whatever language, these few moments of fading light after sunset but before dark can sometimes be:

Deeply moving…
The essence of a sacred experience

Once upon a few afternoons ago, in Key West, this humbled human experienced one such moment when the deep turquoise tropical sky embraced the most incredible visitors. It all began when I looked out the large port-hole shaped window in my kitchen. An unusual rosy-golden light reflected off the white picket fence which separates our bungalow from the neighbors. It was so unusual, a radiant glow, I had to investigate.

I stepped out onto the front porch. Directly above was a cloudless sky. When I turned my head to the left, I saw them. A formation of uniquely stained thunder clouds approaching from the east. They were not the normal menacing grey-black but instead a symphony of pink, coral, gold, white, cognac and deep purple. The great plumes were enormous, and moved rapidly. I stood there thinking about a poignant scene in Under a Tuscan Sun when the child is born at sunrise in Italy...born into The Light.

My ‘other-worldly’ experience was magnified by the appearance of a large turtle ambling leisurely down the long path, along the white picket fence,  leading from the mysterious salt ponds hidden within the mangroves. 

The magnificent sky and cloud formations passing above Mother Earth, and her Native American symbol, the turtle - all were offering an important message. The turtle walked right up to my bare feet and stopped.  With prehistoric head fully extended, the turtle looked up at me as if to ask, "Are you paying attention?" I kid you not. I'd swear the turtle was looking directly into my eyes. I stood perfectly still - absorbing the magic.

Earlier in the day, I had re-read a brilliant quote on Jane Bay's web site. I'm absolutely certain her words served as preparation for the late afternoon miracle  I would come to witness. As I write this, I remain awed by that incredible moment - filled with spiritual reverence for the fusion of sky, cloud and turtle. I like to think of it as SynchoDestiny at its best -  a moment in time in which I gained a better understanding of  my identity and purpose.

Here is what Jane shares:

"SynchroDestiny has the ability to transform our lives once we understand what is happening, enabling us to experience miracles and feelings of joy, and consciously participate in our own evolution with a better understanding of our meaning and purpose in life. The ultimate goal…is to expand consciousness and open a doorway to enlightenment – a rebirthing or awakening.”

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Sharon said...

What a moving experience. Thank you for sharing.

What is your heart's desire? These are certainly signs that it is on your doorstep.

Chant my motto: Be present. Be still. Listen. Appreciate.