What exactly is ‘The Force?"

AHhhh. The Force is alive with possibilities.
Live in the Light or be consumed by the dark side?
Good vs. Evil?
Balance vs. Unsteadiness?
Or, is it the human species feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable? (There's always a cynic - stirs the pot)

Those who stopped by for con leches in the MUSEologies Studio the other morning pondered this very question. The Morning Koffee Klatch Filosospher’s Guild of Miscreant Minds all agreed on confirming a fundamental starting principle. ‘The Force’ is all about ENERGY: A cascading, crackling, ripple effect, highly volatile and explosive by nature. After much bantering, the definition became a bit more fine-tuned.

’The Force’ is:
The quest for knowledge fused with boundless Imagination and fueled by Inspiration.
K + I x I = TF

Names were bandied about: Badonsky, Da Vinci, Einstein, Gene Roddenberry and the man who brought ‘The Force’ into almost every household on the planet: George Lucas.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, {read cyberspace} we received a communiqué from The Universe:

“If knowledge is power,
Imagination is kryptonite.”

This got us to thinking about Einstein and his iconic comment:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

So, we asked ourselves: Who personifies the fusion of knowledge and imagination?  The Universe responded:

“There’s never just one right answer,
And there’s never just one right question.”

We filled our cups with more Cuban coffee-bean fuel and carried on the debate over the course of several mornings. Finally, a vote was taken. For today, our one right answer is:

Look closely into his eyes.
Do they remind you of anyone?
We’ll give you a clue: His initials are A.E.

So, we googled YODA. Here’s what he has to say on the matter:

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering…For my ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is.  Life creates it, makes it grow.  The Force surrounds us and binds us.  Luminous beings are we not this crude matter.  You must feel the Force around you.  Here, between you, me, the tree, the rock...everywhere!   Even between the land and the ship." ―Yoda to Luke

May The Force be with you.


Sharon said...

Whenever I add a new plant to my gardens, I place it, cover it with dirt, and then say, "May the Force be with you." It's my planting prayer.

Anonymous said...

Luke: "I can't believe it."

Yoda: "That is why you fail."

Yoda knows the secret.
We MUST believe to create.

YODA said...


Blogger said...

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