Mattie Faye: The Greta Garbo of French Bulldogs
Stage Names: French Fry, Pee Wee, Miss Mattie May & Naughty-Head

Mattie Faye lives in Key West with:
The lion-hearted golden retriever trapped in a German shepherd body,
The Coolest Cat in Town and
Ralph Ernest:
The James Dean of kittens, rescued from Hemingway House.

The MUSEologies Studio is always on the look-out for young talent that inspires. Yesterday, we received a wonderful poem, written by Gracie Sutcliffe, an aspiring writer at twelve (going on twenty-two!) In addition to their other amazing pursuits, Gracie and her Mom, Lucy, have dedicated themselves to helping They rescue French Bulldogs, nurse them back to health and find ‘forever homes’ for these wondrous beings. Once you’ve met a Frenchie, you will never forget their exuberance, enthusiasm and spirit. They are among the Master Muses of the Dog World as they inspire us to laugh and live joy-fully! They are, quite literally, JOY ON LEGS!

By Gracie Sutcliffe

Frenchies are cute,
Frenchies are small,
Frenchies look beautiful
In their sweaters this fall.

They make me smile,
They make me laugh,
They make me giggle,
When I am sad.

From their head to their toe,
Deep in their Soul,
They are filled with laughter and love,
With hearts made of gold.

On this wonderful day,
Let us bow our heads and pray,
That we are thankful for Frenchies,
Every night and all day.

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