Creativity Can't Be Used Up

Artist: Henryk T. Kaiser

“You’ve heard the cliché, popularized in novels, movies, and bad TV shows: Artists [and writers] are vain, self-absorbed creatures, neurotically focused on their work, completely indifferent to the needs of others.

Like everything else worth doing in life, art [and writing] demands time, energy, and concentration – three tools in limited supply. Moments spent at the drawing board or behind the weaving loom [or computer screen] sometimes translate as moments not shared [with friends and family]…It’s a tough equation to balance.

But you know what? Maybe I’m lucky, but I’ve never met a selfish artist. Creativity is a funny, magical gift. Unlike most other gifts, it can’t really be used up. In fact, when it’s nurtured, disciplined, and expressed on a regular basis, it tends to grow – a phenomenon so satisfying it often results in an overwhelming urge to give to others.

Every artist I know can recall the exact moment in his or her childhood when that magical gift first manifested itself and a tray of paints, a scrap of fabric, or a squishy blob of clay [or a squishy blob of words] opened up an enchanted world of infinite possibilities.”
Sometimes life makes it very difficult for us to remember,
We all have access to that infinite world of creative possibility.
Inspiration and Creativity cause an amazing ripple effect.
Each inspired, creative act affects others around them,
Quietly touching one person,
Who in turn touches another,
Reaching out to ends
Further than any of us will ever know.


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