SANTA celebrates THE AWE-MANAC release!

Photo by Jay P. Morgan
Concept by Palm Press
Flight preparation for December 24th Launch from North Pole
Santa communing with Elf-Angels at the beach, experiencing a moment of WONDER
Which includes his telepathic ‘final check list’ update
Santa knows that everyone on your ‘list’ deserves


to the brilliant, talented and inspired Jill Badonsky for her newest gift to the world,

On Page -1-, she welcomes the reader to ‘come-in’ and realize that,

Wonder can only be found in the present moment. The gentle breeze drawing together your fractured attention, the scent of cloves stealing you from worry, the sound of the waves reminding you that to be alive is something to believe in - those are the gifts of the present.

We can live with wonder if we have or are open to the ability to recognize the deep pleasure possible in a simple moment. But this ability is a skill like any other – it may take time and practice. We are impatient, we want to apply life-changing concepts to banish our challenges immediately. When the change is not sustained after the enthusiasm dies down, we often just give up instead of rinse and repeat. This book will teach you to forge on in trust, to practice the concepts over and over, a little at a time, imperfectly, until your mind effortlessly chooses the thought that exalts you existence rather than one that darkens it.

Give yourself permission to play, to stay true to yourself, to make compassion a hobby. The non-linear practice of moving forward two tiny steps and sideways one stumble is okay. In the long run, this will get you further than the other schemes that 85 percent of us give up on because we didn’t do it perfectly or because it was too much too soon.”

MUSEologies definition of CHRISTMAS:

C reative living even when life is full of lemons
(knowing how to make hot-mulled lemonade)
H appiness
R espect for all beings
I nspiration
S piritual connection
(nothing at all to do with organized religion’s rules and regs)
T asty nogs and Treats!
M agnificent Moments recognized and savoured
A udacious Auras illuminating the darkness
S ouls Sharing the Human Experience

We are, after all, ‘ONE HUMAN FAMILY’ (Key West Motto)

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