Photo by: Pisit Senanunsakul

Two elderly friends share a joke as they go about their daily work in Chiang Rai, Thailand. They are drying native grass to be made into brooms. From the M.I.L.K. Collection – Moments of Intimacy, Laughter and Kinship – is the result of an epic global search for 300 extraordinary and geographically diverse photographs that capture the essence of humanity. Chosen from 40,000 entries worldwide, these powerful images cut across race and nationality and celebrate what it is to be part of ONE HUMAN FAMILY, to share the gift of FRIENDSHIP, and more than anything else, to be LOVED.

BY unanimous vote, MUSEologies declares JULY as the seventh official month to celebrate the Art of Laughter. Take a page from THE RED HAT SOCIETY’S message,

“…Just lay that burden down and come play! Have a wonderful day and let it be. If you loosen up and stop worrying about everything so much, who knows what glorious things will happen? Take some time for yourself with your friends, and rediscover the joy of plain old silliness and laughter…"

Sue Ellen Cooper


She Who Flies said...
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Sandra Evertson said...

L O V E I T !
Sandra Evertson

Haydeno said...

Dear blogger of MUSEologies,

Nice article you have there.
I'm an artist working for an ad agency. May i know how can i get permission to use this photo by Pisit for public work?


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