For Writers To Remember...

"We, each of us, have our own “translators”
Each just a little different
There is no universal translator
There is misunderstanding in everything – especially speech
Words are a clumsy tool
But it is what we have to connect mind to mind
No matter how inefficient
Some are better artists than others
But there are always disconnects"

-The Pheasant-


tj said...


pattie said...

Oh I like this...The written word almost always has a way that you can read between them!! So often misunderstood...but the painted that is just a visual!! You my dear friend have the talent of the painted word!!

Anonymous said...

The 'disconnects' are what make it interesting. Often we get sloppy, using the wrong word or saying things that are misunderstood. It is so worth being vigilant and careful with the words we use.