DNA...Dreams Nourish Art

As writers, it seems that we perpetually try to concoct a short, creative piece that captures the reader with a dash of humour thrown into the mix. For several hours one late evening, this MUSEologist sat impatiently in front of the keyboard waiting for the mental light bulb to illuminate. Time passed. More time passed. The mind remained a complete blank.

It was paralytically obvious that a creative jump-start was needed. So, I began surfing various comments left on previous posts. Reading them made me feel good. No, let me restate that, it made me feel REALLY GOOD that people cared enough to take the time to leave a comment…all of which were warm, supportive, kind and generous. I started to wonder what these people looked like or how they represented themselves via their choice of profile photo, image and words. Clicking on profile after profile just added to the widening ripples of gratitude and respect I felt for discovering such unique and interesting talent. Then…BAM…out of nowhere (as it always seems to do) it occurred to me that these magnificent faces and images and symbols were actually the individual components that, when linked together, create a rather awesome whole.

Just think about it for a moment. Every day, a random group of individuals (thousands of them) from all over the world leave their fingerprint, their proverbial strand of hair, their inspirational molecules on the microscope slide labeled ‘Blog’ or ‘Website’.

That was it! I would try and capture each image and weave them together resulting in a double helix strand of DNA. Not the biological DNA; but rather the SOUL of DNA. It seems to me (a foregone conclusion) that DNA must have an invisible energetic origin which is part and parcel of ‘soul’. It is not out of the realm of plausible possibility that the fundamental energetic fusion of inspiration, imagination, creativity, strength, courage, vision and love may be the gorilla glue…holding our DNA together.

Dreams Nourish Art…
Our DREAMS are as different as each individual.
We NOURISH these dreams uniquely…
Resulting in ART unlike any other on the planet.
If that doesn’t qualify as DNA…I don’t know what does!?!



pattie said...

BRAVO! Well said...Standing clapping..and leaving you a comment to let you know you certainly stuck my DNA today!!

Leticia said...

... and I second that. Only just found you and I'm so glad I did. Looking forward to reading past posts. Cheers,

Anonymous said...

Great concept.

Judy H in NC said...

came to your site via someone else's and I couldn't agree more.

a friend wondered one time why I would spend time reading "all those blogs" (when I could have been watching TV I suppose like herself) and I told her they inspire me and I hope to share with those people that they have inspired me in some way.

it's nice to know, on occassion, you have touched someone, even someone you don't know.

today you have touched me.

cheryl said...

Oh yes!
You speak truth Museologist! It is a gift like none-other...this kindredness we all have..it is heartwarming, special and unique indeed. Thank you for giving so much of your infinitely creative spirit into all that you do. Your posts always make me smile...contemplate and give thanks; and it's wonderful to meet others who've left comments here too! Thank you for everything!

Anonymous said...

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