MY DREAM COME TRUE by Elizabeth C.

I stood there, posing, trying to concentrate through flashing lights and screaming people. Confetti and sparkling shimmers fell from the sky . My hooves pounding on the dirt as my rider wove me through cones and other obstacles. My competitors running on either side of me, racing, trying to be the first to cross the finish line. Sir Lansalot, my best friend, in the stands cheering me on. Only a few feet away was the awaiting finish line, the striped banner that would lead me to victory. But, right as I was just reaching forward to the line of victory, everything blanked out. I no longer heard people shouting me on, no more striped finish line, the weight of my rider had vanished, everything was gone.

I began to see a bright light appearing as I squinted my eyes. I realized that I was being softly rubbed up and down on my forehead by one of my stable owners. The one that was with me was Mr. Sanford, but usually it is Katie. Katie is a little girl that takes care of me the most. I jerked my head with a loud “Neigh” as I started to completely realize my surroundings. I had been asleep and as I stared out the opened barndoor, I saw that I had once again slept in way too late. It was that dream, that dream that I get every night. The dream that is like a fairytale, it happens almost like it is in the future. It is a mystery that I never seem to be able to figure out why I get it every night. My thoughts were interrupted by Mr Sanford as he said to me, “
Strange horse you are, sleeping in that late.”

He had a point. I was, in fact, a strange horse. A very strange horse. Most horses would normally eat hay, while I would much rather have apples and croissants. Or even muffins and deserts. With my unusual diet, I eat with the family instead of in my stable. My name is Pixie Dust and they call me Pixie. How odd is that, I mean really who names a horse Pixie. Another odd thing about me is that my best friend is a dog named Sir Lansalot. He is a friendly fellow and I can always tell him anything and he will understand. He is a brown and white colored basset hound, whereas I am a brown and black colored mustang. The thing with me is that I am not like other mustangs in any way. I was the runt of my breed and I’m not any bigger than a pony. Most of the other animals laugh at me when they hear that I am a mustang.

“Better hurry now, go fetch some food before its too late. I have eaten already so run along now.” As I made my way to the cottage, just trotting along, I decided to go get Sir Lansalot and finally tell him about these puzzling dreams and find out the meaning of it all. His dog house is close to the cottage and so large that even a horse my size could fit in it. I went in and I saw him sleeping. Snoring. “ Why are you still sleeping,” I mumbled mysteriously. I gently pushed my hove on his paw and he immediately sat up on his front paws.

“Ah, when did you get here” he said startled.

I just got here, but I need to tell you something important. Have you eaten breakfast yet?”

“No, I haven’t eaten,” he said seeing how late it was getting.

Come on, lets walk together,” I coaxed. As we headed to cottage, I wondered why Sir Lansalot was still sleeping. Was he having the same dream. After all he had been in my dream. “ No, he couldn’t be having the same dream as me,” I mumbled to myself quizzically.

“What?” Sir Lansalot asked, looking up at me. “So, what did you need to tell me Pixie?” he said looking concerned. “
What’s the matter?”
“For quite some time now,”
I paused and then continued, “ I have gotten these strange dreams. The same one every night. The thing is, I know dreams are like what you wish for and things, but with these dreams it is like it is true. Like it really is my future or something. Like its my destiny.”

“Wow, some dream,” Sir Lansalot said interested. But he didn’t look like he was surprised, though. As if he was holding something back, knowing something I didn’t. We arrived at the cottage just in time to get a delicious breakfast. Sir Lansalot went around the front and in the door to greet the family, while I went around the side of the cottage to an open window that I usually eat from. I saw little Tommy chopping down on a french croissant, Danny cutting his meat, and the family’s Granny pouring fresh milk into the children’s cups. The food smelled great and I was anxious to eat.

Pixie,” Katie shouted with joy. “I bet your hungry,” she said as she passed a bowl of croissants and apples to Mrs. Sanford. Just as she grabbed hold of the food, Sir Lansalot came charging from another room. He leaped right onto Mrs. Sanford’s lap, making her nearly drop the bowl, and gave her doggie kisses. “Well hello to you too,” Mrs. Sanford said laughing as my friend slobbered all over her. The kids laughed and I let out a cheerful neigh. Mrs. Sanford reached her long, skinny arm out and game me a ripe-green apple. Mmm was it delicious

Mr. Sanford arrived and hung his coat on a hook on the wall and a high squeak rang out from the weight. The cottage isn’t in that good of shape. The wooden walls are a moss green and are rotten from termites, and the windows have cracks in them. The floor squeaks and it gets so hot in the Summer and so cold in the Winter it is unbearable. Luckily, right now it is Springtime so we get a nice breeze. As Sir Lansalot and I left the cottage, we continued our conversation about my dreams. “So what happens in these dreams?” Sir Lansalot asked.

“Well, most of the dreams have me at some kind of race or competition. I always see myself racing with my rider and then the finish line is always right in front of me. But then I always wake up, like..."
Your not supposed to know what happens next,” Sir Lansalot interrupted.
H...How did you know what I was going to say?” I stuttered in shock. I stared at him in complete confusion. How did he know what I was going to say? Does he get the same dream? This is so strange...Sir Lansalot wasn’t answering so I asked again in a little more of a demanding, but still shocked voice,
“Sir Lansalot, how did you know what I was going to say?”

“To tell you the truth, Pixie” Sir Lansalot admitted. “
I am getting the exact dream you are telling me about. Except instead of seeing myself race I am watching you. I see you race and almost cross the finish line every night. I don’t know why I get it either, but it feels so real, like it really is happening when I get the dream.”

Just then, in their state of confusion, Katie was rushing over to them looking excited. She looked at the two of them and found it strange that a dog and a horse were standing by each other making noises.

“Are you ready for the big day? It is going to be great. Now, why are you two out here in the middle of the day? You got to get ready for tomorrow. Follow me and we will get you all washed up.” She skipped ahead and Sir Lansalot and I looked at each other in puzzlement. What in the world was she talking about? What was tomorrow?

As Katie led me and Sir Lansalot to the stables, I could tell that Sir Lansalot was just as confused as I was. I got my mane shampooed, my fur coat brushed, and my hooves cleaned. Sir Lansalot was getting a shampoo soak and his fur brushed back. By the time we finished, the sun was setting and it was almost supper time.

We ate supper at the cottage. I had bread and a piece of cake for dessert. When I went back to the stable, I settled down for a nights sleep. There was that dream again. I was racing as hard as I could. Then nothingness.

I was being shaken as the wheels of the wagon bounced over bumps. Sir Lansalot was below me bouncing around, too. I heard clown music and horns. I heard laughs and squeals. The wagon stopped and the back door swung down. We were at the county fair. Katie led me through many big crowds and then took me to a little barn house. She locked the hatch and stroked my forehead.
“You’ll do great, I know you will. I will be right back.” She had gone off to sign me up for one of the entertainments of the day. A race.

Meanwhile I was surrounded by other horses who apparently didn’t approve of me. “Pixie, what kind of a name is that. Pixie Dust. Ha. Are you some kind of fairy that thinks you are just gonna fly across the finish line. Ha. Your so small, you don’t have a chance in this race.”

Before I knew it, I was being led behind a stage. I heard an announcer say, “These are the special horses that will be racing today. Please give a round of applause for Lightning...Spot...Beauty...Pixie...and...” I was led into a small passageway and I knew the race was about to begin. I saw Katie putting on my saddle and strapping up my harness. “We can do this Pixie. Lets race,”she whispered in my ear. She got on my back and I heard a loud BOOM. The gates opened and the race had begun.

This was it. This was my dream, and Katie was my rider. But where was Sir Lansalot? I looked around and then I saw him. Sir Lansalot was sitting in the bleachers along with Mr. and Mrs. Sanford, Tommy, Danny, and Granny.

“Go Pixie, Go,” shouted Katie and I immediately started running. I was far behind, but gaining fast. I was in last place. Then fifth. Then fourth. Then third. “Yes, Pixie, that’s it,” Katie urged me on. I was now tied for first and I saw the awaiting finish line. Was everything going to disappear when I get closer to the finish line like it did in my dreams? Was I going to win? My dream had already come true, but was it going to get better?

Things had not vanished and I was now in first. The other horse had dropped back. The finish line was getting closer and closer. Then, I won. Me, the size of a pony, had just won a race. People stood up from the bleachers. The loud noise of their cheers and claps felt so good. Sir Lansalot was now racing out to me, skipping as high as a little dog could, with a huge smile on his face, “You won, you did it, Pixie, you did it,”he shouted with joy. I was awarded with a flower necklace, but best of all a dream come true.

That was the best day of my life. It was a day of mysteries and surprises. I wonder what future surprise awaits me next, but that would be...another dream.


Liz C. said...

Dear Royce,

I love it! Thank you so much for posting my work!

Liz C.

tj said...

This is a GREAT story! I was right there in the stands watching the race!

megan said...

So, I'm hoping Elizabeth is reading this comment or that you're forwarding these to her.

What a great story! I'm so impressed by your skill in building suspense and drawing your reader in. Extraordinarily well done. Keep writing!

Patricia J. Mosca said...

Wonderful story...A heartfelt tale..may you always continue to write the stories from your heart. Your dreams will come true for you also!