Baby Steps...It's all about Baby Steps!

The most effective action you can take
Towards your goal
Is with a ridiculously small step!
It MUST feel ridiculously small
As those are the most powerful steps of all!

Our Studio is now stunned and amazed that 212 days of 2007 have come…and gone. Honestly, how is it possible that we find ourselves in August!?! Once again, this reality motivates us to pause and consider or reconsider what it is we hope to accomplish during the balance of 2007. Thinking of it this way is TOO BIG A PIECE OF THE TIME PIE!

We are compelled to direct your attention to the KaizenMuse concept of taking ridiculously small baby steps as the most effective means of achieving goals. See Jill Badonsky’s www.themuseisin.com and www.kaizenmuse.com as well as Dr. Robert Mauer's book ONE SMALL STEP CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE to learn more about this. Today... we will diligently but gently focus on the next 31 days of 2007.

August 1 – 31st! Let’s savor every single moment! This “reflection” may bring (it does for us) a mixture of "feelings"…satisfaction with what has been achieved in the last seven months and the stirrings of frustration or disappointment with the original (still alive and kick’in) goals and dreams that are playing “hard to get”. What to do about reframing and turning around these niggling negative energies into positive, creative reinforcements?


The most Sacred Place dwells within our Heart
Where Dreams are born and Secrets sleep
A mystical refuge of Darkness and Light
Fear and Conquest
Adventure and Discovery
Challenge and Transformation
Our Heart speaks for our Soul
Every moment while we are alive
Listen…as the whispering beat repeats
Be…gin Be...gin Be…gin
It’s really that simple
Just Begin Again
--Royce Addington--

In 2007, we have 153 more chances to JUST BEGIN AGAIN.
This morning in our Studio, we are already on our second fresh pot of coffee; causing caffeine-induced philosophical debate of the highest order.
The most enlightened among us said (as he announces every single day)…
He’s absolutely right.


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Cheryl Finley: said...

Thank you Royce, for this loving reminder that at any moment we can "begin again".
Its simplicity is beautiful.