Flowering Trees of Cairns (1994)

Flowering Trees of Cairns (1994)
Watercolor: 40” x 60”
By Darryl Trott
1941 - 2004
For the Love of Art
A Muse who leaves us a legacy of spiritual beauty and bloom’in abundance!

Do you ever buy a card that speaks to your heart so much that you just can’t part with it? Such is the case with the above card produced by Leanin’ Tree. After ten years, the edges are a bit dog-eared but I remain mesmerized by Darryl Trott’s art; particularly now that I have discovered Key West! This piece could have been painted in a dozen locations throughout the Keys yet it was inspired and created in Australia. On the back of this Leanin’ Tree card is a testimonial written about Darryl many years before his untimely death on 9th June 2004 following a heart attack,

“One blustery day in Australia, Darryl Trott, with a roll of paintings under his arm, felt the wind holding back his bicycle as he rode to his job as an advertising designer. In his frustration, Trott realized he also felt stymied in his career and so, he resolved to leave his job and concentrate on painting. Largely self-taught, Trott is still perfecting his style of depicting the exotic and everyday blooms he paints.

Luscious tropical orchids sparkle with dew and perky, spring crocus thrust up from the barren ground. Each painting explodes with a mass of blooms. Darryl Troll believes that flowers should be painted in their natural habitat, as their subtle shades of color alter when they are cut. The artist maintains a home in the United States but spends much of his time painting in his retreat near the rain forest in Australia. Trott explores the infinite variety of flowers found throughout both countries, in cultured gardens as well as open fields.”

Limited Edition prints of Darryl’s work are still available.
If you google his name, several sites offer his work.
Our favorite is: www.ozimagesgallery.com/g-darryl-trott.html


Pattie Mosca said...

This is so peacefully beautiful..I can see why you could not part with it!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl Finley: said...

This is gloriously enchanting...I feel like I could walk right into this and become a part of its transluscent and luminous beauty. I will come back to visit this vision often Royce.
Thank you for the portal!

tj said...

I saw his work in a gallery in Australia...absolutely and utterly beautiful! You feel as though you can walk into one of his paintings.