Happy Mother's Day...Muses My Muses

Top Photo: FAYE TYLER (1910-1990) Jan Stewart's Mother
Bottom Photo: JAN STEWART (1934-2004) My Mother

Warm Sands Of Time
By: Your daughter and grand-daughter

Stretched out in the still warm sand
Under a full moon
Next to the crackling fire
Just laying there
Amazed at the fluid flames of molten gold
Dancing with the sparkling silver moon spirits
Across the velvet darkness
Skipping along the crests of a restless sea
Recognize the miracle of Nature’s fusion
The dazzling, dizzying movement of light

Moon and Fire
Two women
Unlike any other
The smell of Estee perfume, Belgium chocolate and oil paints
Drift through my memory
Flickering flames as strokes of their talented inspirations
Look into the mesmerizing night
Feel the subtle vibration
The undulating movement
Of incoming waves
The water foams onto the soft cashmere beach

How I cherish the love
Their beautiful
Mischievous faces
No longer alive in this world
Gratitude spills from my heart
In great heaving sobs of joyous remembering
I thank the Universe for their presence in my life
As our Cherokee ancestors gently nod their approval
They speak to me of love and pain
All of them
Moon Beam Souls
Warming themselves
In the hypnotic bath
Of Freedom’s Firelight


Pattie Mosca said...

There is such a freedom in this poem for you.........I rejoice in this for you and feel blessed to call you friend....

Royce Addington said...

Pattie Mosca...THANK YOU for such a beautiful response. My heart smiles because of you!

Anonymous said...

oh man, that was awesome. that was a great tribute to two wonderful ladies. your the best.

Charles F. said...

The beauty of these women and the words to describe them leave me with a "Trail of Tears".