BRIDGES Postscript

This image appeared on the Museologies desk today. At first glance we thought the photo was taken on one of The Florida Keys Bridges, but we were wrong. The similarity is uncanny. The inspired couple is dancing on Ambleside Pier in British Columbia, Canada.

We did a little research and discovered The M.I.L.K. Collection. Their mission is a celebration of humanity. The organization explains it this way,

“THE M.I.L.K. Collection – Moments of Intimacy, Laughter and Kinship – is the result of an epic global search for 300 extraordinary and geographically diverse photographs that capture the essence of humanity. Chosen from 40,000 entries worldwide, these powerful images cut across race and nationality and celebrate what it is to be part of a family, to share the gift of friendship, and more than anything else to be loved.”

The next time you travel across a bridge, a boardwalk or a pier; pull over for a five minute respite. Soak in The Moment and LET YOURSELF GO. May we urge you to consider the possibility of audacious boldness whether by yourself or with others.
Ask yourself,
What would it feel like if I danced as though no one were watching?”

Ref: Photo by Anthony Redpath


Pattie Mosca said...

I do dance when no one is watching..And it still makes me laugh! Thanks for the makes me feel like dancing now!!

Fred & Ginger said...

Today we took your suggestion and danced!