Last night in San Rafael California, our very own Golf Muse (a handsome BraveHeart Scot Laddie who looks “killer” in his kilt) hosted a group of illustrious revelers gathered to honour and celebrate Scotland’s National Poet Robert Burns. Around the world, the event is respectfully and lovingly referred to as Rabbie Burns Night. Celebrated on a day in close proximity to Rabbie’s birthday, 25 January 1759; there are a few essential ingredients that make for a successful celebration: Scotch whiskey (may we recommend Glen Morangie), haggis (you don’t want to know), tatties (mashed potatoes), mashed neeps (rutabagas or turnips), Tipsy Laird (sherry trifle) Rabbie’s romantic poetry and uisge beatha (the “water of life”…more Scotch Whiskey!).

Before you click off (because you’ve never heard of Robert Burns) think of the New Year’s Eve song Auld Lang Synethese are Rabbie’s words! YOU DO KNOW HIM and at least once a year his unforgettable poetry tugs at the old nostalgic heart strings. Remember the year you were cruising and celebrating New Year’s Eve on the QE2 OR the time you celebrated in front of Key West’s 801 Bourbon Club as you watched the delightful Sushi ( the infamous female impersonator) drop from the tropical sky on her giant glittering red ruby shoe. Or, how about those evenings you put on your jammies, nuked a huge bowl of popcorn, got comfy and watched the classic movie IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. The "Force" of Rabbie’s Auld Lang Syne was with you. For you “Wordies” out there, AULD LANG SYNE literally means “OLD LONG SINCE” – but a more modern translation embraces the ideas of “long ago”, “in olden day”, “days of long ago” or even “once upon a time”.

Rabbie packed a lot of living during his 37 years. Born to a farming family that struggled with poverty, his childhood was one of hardship and severe manual labor which left him with a weakened constitution and slight stoop. He had almost no formal schooling but his father revered education and taught his many children reading, writing, geography, history and math. At the age of 24 Rabbie began to write poetry and it was reputed that he had a fondness for attractive women of culture. He was a true romantic and was recognized in the front ranks of lyric poets. Robert Burns believed in the power of the MUSE. He once said of his creative process:

My way is: I consider the poetic Sentiment…then chuse my theme; begin one Stanza; when that is composed, which is generally the most difficult part of the business, I walk out, sit down now and then look out for objects in Nature around me that are in unison or harmony with the cogitations of my fancy and workings of my bosom; humming every now and then the air with the verses I have framed. When I feel my Muse beginning to jade, I retire to the solitary fireside of my study, and there commit my effusions to paper; swinging, at intervals, on the hind-legs of my elbow chair, by way of calling forth my own critical strictures, as my pen goes.”

February is about friendship and love. Romance and Poetry. Not just with a significant other but, more importantly, with YOURSELF and your personal muses. Imagination, Creativity and Inspiration may be the greatest expressions of your Love and Passion. Is this what Rabbie was thinking about when he wrote, “Oh, My Love is Like A Red, Red Rose”? Museologies likes the idea! If you are interested in reading this swashbuckling ode to Rabbie’s Muse, visit (see Links To Extraordinary Muses).

Late last night (or was it the wee hours of the morning?) in San Rafael California there was a glowing group of impressive men and women from all walks of life who shared a vote of thanks, stood side by side, joined hands and sang full-out “ Auld Lang Syne”. Rabbie Burns and his Muses are smiling (after a couple of aspirin of course).

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