For the next several days, Museologies will be watching "...the lights go down in the City and the sun shine on the Bay…” as we drive across the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge and pass through the Waldo Tunnel to head north on Highway 101. It’s been too long since we turned off at the historic Buckeye Restaurant, drove through Tam Junction… past the Dipsea Café (where George Lucas might be having breakfast)…taking the inevitable left hand turn which innocently will lead us to the ultimate auto roller coaster ride of a lifetime. We’ll ramble along picturesque Highway 1 which locals fondly refer to as "going over the hill”. This wild, hair-pin turn, narrow two-lane road along sheer cliffs that plunge into the Pacific Ocean below will leave you breathless and often car sick…but you are always…always exhilarated!

When we approach the “Y” where you choose between going up Mt. Tamalpais to the right or down to the left; we will choose down because of the overwhelming nostalgia. Past the ancient redwoods…by the long row of marvelous mailboxes across from Muir Beach’s enchanting Pelican Inn…along the heather-covered ridge of Slide Ranch…above racy Red Rock Beach and the hidden hot springs (clothing optional) and into the inimitable village of Stinson.

We might stop at Live Water Surf Shop just for old time’s sake and buy a thick warm sweat shirt. Then, we’ll cross the street to browse in the famous Stinson Beach Books before we walk down past The Grill and the infamous Sand Dollar Bar…a place we will return for a restorative toddy after being chilled to the bone by the beach’s winter breath.

To walk along the extraordinary crescent moon strand of Stinson Beach is incredibly spiritual…down to the huge rocks at the far left end…where time literally stands still. This is an intimate maze of rock, sand, water, sky and cliff that has remained unchanged for hundreds and hundreds of years. The ashes of many great Muses illuminate the air and dance along the waves, particularly on a moonlit night.

As our footprints sink into the soft wet Stinson sand; we will look out at the vast Pacific horizon line where pale blue sky meets deep indigo water and know that Einstein was right…Time is an illusion.

But it will be the unforgettable roar and hypnotic rhythm of the crashing waves against these sacred rocks that will bring misty eyes of wonder. There is no other place quite like this natural jewel in Mother Nature’s crown. Hidden among the gigantic rocks you will understand why the Muses have eternally chosen to laugh and play as they build their monumental sandcastles to honour our days, our inspirations and our funny ‘ole mortal lives.

Afterwards, we’ll meet you at the Sand Dollar!

PSIf you plan this adventure, allow a little over an hour from downtown San Francisco to Stinson Beach. Dress in layers and wear comfy shoes. Bring sunglasses and sun block (even if it’s foggy). Drive leisurely and soak it all in. If you have a propensity for motion sickness, take a non-drowsy tab. It will make all the difference!

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Mike said...

FYI...Highway One leading down to Muir Beach is now closed and under repair/construction until late March. You can get there using the road to Muir Woods. The giant redwoods are awesome! Don't miss them.