The exposed, unguarded, vulnerable courage
to take authentic action toward making your dreams come true.
The ability to think
and act in an independent and visionary manner.

Instead of living a life of quiet desperation,
at the mercy of limiting beliefs,
You can blaze a new trail -
A path leading to breakthroughs, growth, health, abundance
And giving back to others.

- As defined by Royce

Last week, I had the privilege of listening to Jeffrey Van Dyk and Suzanne Falter-Barns in another brilliant tele-conference.  They demonstrated, via interactive exchange with listeners,  what their Spiritual Marketing Quest is all about.  Jeffrey's and Suzanne's areas of expertise target excavating the blocks and wounds that hold you back and transforming them into 'gifted tools' which help you build a unique, authentic and compelling platform or identity.  Their work speaks to people who want to take their passion, their mission, their business to the next level.  During the call, Jeffrey and Suzanne referred to "naked originality" as being an imperative component. By exposing your "naked originality" you will have a much better shot at standing out from the crowd of five hundred million bloggers and online 'sales blasts' that overwhelm and inundate us every day.

This term, Naked Originality, resonates.  So much so, I spent the weekend experimenting with an idea - one which, I hope, will morph and improve as it progresses.  I also have to credit Jeffrey Howard's innovative and astoundingly influential VBU or Visionary Business University.  This is Week #3 in a series of one-hour calls which just may rock your world.  They are rockin' mine!  Access to these calls - all twenty-four of them - is FREE.  And, NO, I'm not getting paid to promote any of this.  The information is simply too good not to write about here in hopes it motivates you to, at least,  check it out. 

I know many respected colleagues and friends who are sick-to-death of the massive 'self-help' market hype.   Often suspect. Seemingly overwhelming.  How do you know what's authentic and what's bogus?

Here's how I deal with it:  I set my white-plastic-egg timer for 15 minutes every morning when I'm ready to take a break from the project at hand.  During those 15 minutes, I check-out {online} one, of a growing list, of programs, individuals or organizations who may offer a magnificent morsel of information.  If their particular service or product does not resonate, I move on.  If it does, I can feel a stirring of excitement because the day is made better by learning something new - something I've never considered before.

Bottom Line:  I take what speaks to me, and leave the rest. My egg-timer dings and, more often than not, I feel a small surge of motivation because of what I've read or seen.  I consider the possibility that answers are out there.

With all this being said, I invite you to click-on my new experiment:  Naked Originality. This site is a "work-in-progress" resource for accessing, in one place, the myriad of 21st Century visionary thinkers.  I am humbled, beyond description, by what I am discovering. 

As I began constructing this site, I also found myself experiencing massive overwhelm. The remedy: I set my trusty egg-timer for fifteen minutes of exploration.  That's it.  This easy-to-use fifteen minutes accumulates into one hour and forty-five minutes in one week!  I love breaking things down into small bits because the result, over a short period of time, is truly amazing.

Just a suggestion - this week, for fifteen minutes each day:

1: Turn off CNN {Constantly Negative News} or other negative influences
2: Dig out that timer or go to the Dollar Store and buy one
3: As the timer ticks, click-on a site you haven't seen before
4: Consider the possibilties 

Respectfully suggested,

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Sharon said...

You are on fire, girlfriend. Blaze forward. Your energy is noted and applauded. Onward! Great things are ahead for you.

Me? Come visit at Slothville. I am creating a "Love Is All You Need" sloth cloth. Slowly. Definitely not afire.